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About Rashi Steel

Rashi Steel is one of the prestige company to set up a captive pellet plant, producing cost-effective iron pellets from superior quality iron ore fines through the beneficiation process for both captive and commercial use..

Comapny Profile

Preamble: Steel a basic commodity for all industrial activities, quantum of its consumption is considered an index of industrial prosperity. Since independence, there has been a substantial growth in the steel sector in India from 1.5 Million Tons in 1950-51 to about 31 Million Tons at present. Additional Steelmaking capacity of about 8 to 10 Million Tons Near exists in the secondary steel sector. Further, with nearly 20% of the world population, India's contribution is only of the order of 3.4% of world steel production. Hence, short term and long term strategies are necessary in planning the development of the steel industry in the country to improve the level of per capita steel consumption. It is expected that with the measures taken by Govt. of India for promotion consumption of iron and steel and expected growth of Indian economy the requirement of steel will significantly increase and accordingly the domestic manufacturing capacity needs to be increase

Considering the potential of iron and steel in India and the experience gained by the group in this sector, M/s RASHI STEEL AND POWER LTD (RSPL) has decided to install pallet plant in the state of Chhatisgarh.

Brief Profile: Promoters of the company belong from erudite families of Raipur. The management of the company believes that "Successful operation, performance and long term viability of any business depends on a continuous sequence of sound decision made individually or collectively by the management team. Everyone of this decisions ultimately causes for better or worse, an economic impact on the business. In essence, the process managing any enterprise amounts to making an ongoing series of economic choices, every time trading off costs or benefits."